An Open Letter to Councilman Neal Oury Regarding the Non-Partisan Loveland City Council


Dear Councilman Oury,

My name is Ryan Kulik. My wife and I were city dwellers who wanted to find a growing and quiet community to raise our family. Loveland had all the things we wanted, good schools, beautiful scenery, and welcoming people. I moved my family to Loveland six years ago because we fell in love with the land.

Sorry for the bad joke.

Over the last six years I have become increasingly involved with the community. I volunteer for various groups, I ride the bike trail regularly, and I have been very active in voicing my own personal opinions on the politics in our great community. Not long after your election to City Council I helped create a watchdog group known as Eye on Loveland that distributes a weekly podcast where we highlight the actions of the City Council. I also write under the byline RD, The Loveland Tattler. I pay close attention to what is going on all over our community, and I have been paying extra close attention to the 2019 municipal elections.

That brings me to why I am writing you. Recently I posted an article on this very website that discusses the endorsement of current city council candidates by the Hamilton County GOP. The article seems to have upset you. In recent social media postings you have indirectly referenced my thoughts and have championed the idea that the Loveland City Council is a non-partisan body, and it is good for Democrats like Councilman Kent Blair and Republicans like yourself and the rest of the City Council to work together in harmony. You claim that partisan politics has no place in our community’s government.

I agree with you Councilman Oury.

I do not think any political party should be endorsing any candidate in the Loveland City Council race, and I do not believe any candidate should accept the endorsement of a partisan political group. We invite partisanship into our community when the leaders of our city go out and seek endorsements for partisan groups. I for one have never voted for any candidate in Loveland who has a partisan endorsement. In my mind that means the candidate cares more about their political party than they care for the entire community. Unfortunately that means I did not vote for you in 2017 because you proudly ran as an endorsed republican, and I will not vote for Kathy Bailey or Andrew Bateman because they are the only two candidates that have actively sought partisan endorsements. Bailey and Bateman are causing the problem you speak of Councilman Oury.

So I ask you this question Neal, what can we do to stop partisan political groups from taking over our city government? Do you have a plan? I personally believe in the right to free speech granted by the first Amendment to the United States Constitution, so I do not think the Hamilton County GOP should be silenced. Nor do I think any voices should be silenced, including ones that you, or the government, may not agree with. I am sure as a fellow American you would find dissension as an important part of what makes our country great.

Maybe we could encourage our leaders to practice the collaborative form of government you champion when you advocate for Democrats and Republicans to work together. We should start by encouraging the two candidates with a partisan endorsement, Kathy Bailey and Andrew Bateman, to reject the endorsement. We can bring the non-partisan ideals of our council back when we have leaders who act in a non-partisan manner.

I look forward to your leadership on this issue Councilman Oury. Be a man of your word and ask your supporters to reject any candidate who seeks a partisan endorsement. As you claim, partisanship has no place in our community. If you did not mean what you said, and you are trying to trick your Republican friends into voting for a Democrat, well I do know quite a few Democrats in Loveland that would like to move their ideas and philosophies forward in our fantastic community. Let me know how I can help.


Ryan D Kulik

Loveland Resident, Taxpayer, and The Loveland Tattler