Loveland City Goals


With the new majority on Loveland City Council, and the new Mayor Kathy Bailey, a new vision for the city has been presented.

Is it really that new?

We are here to keep track of that.

Mayor Bailey at the January 9th, 2018 council meeting briefly mentioned her goals for the upcoming term. The important actions council hopes to address, in no particular order are: Parks/City Master plan, charter review, neighborhood meetings, and being more transparent and engaged with the people of Loveland. 

Sound good?

Of all the goals presented, the only one that is officially in process of happening is the parks and city master plan. The City Manager is in the earliest of phases when it comes to implementing a project of this magnitude. Our understanding is that the parks plan is further along than the city plan.

The biggest initial question coming from The Loveland Tattler is how inclusive the committee will be in concern to the master plans? Will this group reflect the same perceived cronyism of the city governance committees? Will voices who were not friendly in the last election to the new majority be offered a seat at the table? How inclusive, and transparent, does Mayor Bailey wish to be?

It looks like we will have an answer to that question fairly early into the new mayor's administration.

RD Kulik

RD Kulik  is the editor at The Loveland Tattler. Hit him up on twitter @TattlerLoveland or email him