Councilman Kent Blair


On January 9th, 2018 the seventh member of the Loveland City Council was sworn in.

In introducing Mr. Kent Blair, Mayor Kathy Bailey talked about council being accountable to the residents of Loveland. In order to be held accountable, someone must hold the council to account. The Loveland Tattler will take in the rumors, weigh them against the facts, and hold our elected, and appointed, public servants to account.

Let's begin.

Mr. Kent Blair had at one time decided to run for office, and let the voters decide if they wanted the investment adviser to be their voice on city council. Councilman Blair received zero votes in the last election, because he withdrew from the race. Right now Mr. Kent Blair is the final member of Loveland's new elected government. How did that happen?

In October of 2017, I heard a rumor that Kent Blair had withdraw his petition to be on the November ballot for Loveland City Council when he was promised the vacant seat from the resignation of former Mayor Mark Fitzgerald if the candidates he supported would win the majority on the new council. Is the rumor true, only Mr. Blair can answer that question. The fact is Kent Blair's supported candidates won the majority, and Kent Blair was appointed to the seat left vacant by former Mayor Fitzgerald. 

If Kent Blair did make a deal to withdraw from the election in exchange for a seat on council not decided by the voters, did he do something illegal?


Is it wrong?

That is for each person to decide from themselves.

The fact is Kent Blair is on Loveland City Council. No matter how he got there, it is time for Councilman Blair to govern in the best interests of the citizens of Loveland, Ohio. In his acceptance speech, Councilman Blair talked about "creative disruption" by listening to dissenting viewpoints in the community. He asked that all sides "sit together" in their desire to make Loveland a great community. After one meeting, it would be unfair to judge the appointed councilman on his vision for full community engagement in Loveland. Let's give the new Councilman time to govern.

Congratulations Councilman Kent Blair. 

RD Kulik

RD Kulik  is the editor at The Loveland Tattler. Hit him up on twitter @TattlerLoveland