Charter Review


At the January 23rd, 2018 Loveland City Council meeting, new Mayor Kathy Bailey announced the intent to form a charter review committee. The deadline to submit applications was on February 5th, and there has been no word on when the appointments will be made.

The Loveland City Charter needs to be updated. The city was without a Mayor for the last few months of 2017 because the city charter was unclear on what powers the Vice Mayor has in absence of the Mayor. Politics kept Loveland without a Mayor for months. Things became so heated that a member of the local Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC threatened then Vice Mayor Angela Settell with legal action if she tried to conduct business as the Mayor of Loveland. Any sane, and thoughtful, person assumes that the Vice of anything becomes the lead executive when there is no person acting as the lead executive. The charter did not approach the line of succession in Loveland in a sane and/or thoughtful manner. It needs to be updated.

So far Mayor Bailey has used her authority as Mayor to make the questionable Kent Blair appointment to fill an unexpired term on council, and has filled the city committees with old and new cronies to the new majority. Will Mayor Bailey do the same thing with the City Charter Review Committee? Rumors have already been circulated that former council members Patricia Mays and Paulette Leeper are being considered for this temporary committee. Both potential candidates are partisan supporters of Mayor Bailey and her new majority. In the case of Ms. Leeper, she was on the last charter review committee. The most important question should be, even with their partisan ties, are Mays and Leeper the qualified experts Loveland needs on a city charter review committee. If the rumors are true, and Mays and Leeper end up on the Mayors list, then The Loveland Tattler will look for answers to every question concerning every appointment.

Charter review is necessary, and long overdue, in the City of Loveland. Mayor Bailey has spent her first few months as Mayor remaking the basic governance structure of the city through her appointments. Nothing the Mayor has done has been a surprise, every rumor has proven to be true in action. Is this the transparency and community engagement promised by the Mayor and her new majority? The people appointed by Mayor Kathy Bailey to the city charter review committee will give us more proof on how far she, and her supporters, are willing to go on full community engagement.


RD Kulik  is a resident of the City of Loveland and the editor at The Loveland Tattler.

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