What Is The Deal With The School Levy?

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The November 2019 Loveland election ballot will include a Loveland City School District tax levy. It is a big ask - 16.78 Mills. This is not a typo.

A letter sent to all loveland school district residents states that the school district is placing on the November 5th ballot a tax levy for 16.78 mills. The statement says the levy is a combined operating and permanent improvement bond levy. Click here to view press release. The last tax levy approved by taxpayers was in 2014 in the amount of 5.6 mills.

The school district is hoping the taxpayers approve this property tax increase. The schools press release states that the increase will cost a homeowner $49 month per $100K home value. The median home value is $257,966 ( according to neighborhoodscout.com) costing the average Loveland property owner $122.50 a month or $1,470 in increased taxes.

Our podcast - What Is The Deal With The School Levy? - tries to make sense of the proposed levy and asks the questions everyone seems to be asking. EoL also explains the difference between an operating levy and a improvement bond levy, and why this distinction is important. Unfortunately , the school press release did not provide a breakdown on the amount of the operating levy and the improvement bond.

There is also a discussion regarding city infrastructure and traffic impact, specifically on downtown Loveland. What is the cost to the city of loveland taxpayers since the school district plans to purchase the former Grailville property and build new school buildings on E. Loveland Ave? The majority of the school district students live in Hamilton County. That means school buses traveling through the downtown area. These are questions that need to be addressed to Loveland City Council members, it is not just a school issue. Join us, won’t you?

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