What Is The City Talking About?

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During the brief existence of Eye on Loveland, The Loveland Tattler, and the Voice of Loveland podcast, we have been presented with numerous concerns from people who live, work, and play in the City of Loveland. We have covered many of these issues, we are still investigating others, and many more have been forgotten about. Being a self proclaimed watchdog over the Loveland City Government, we take any complaint seriously, and we do our work do make sure nothing that is said on the website, or the podcast, can be seen as untruthful. When we do move forward with an opinion, or call to action, we are confident that our information is true and deserves the attention of the community. We rarely see the elected officials, or the public employees of Loveland engage with us on any issue, and we never see the city wade into the waters of controversy and questionable governance.

And then on the afternoon of February 14th the City of Loveland posted this statement on their website.

Please read it. I can wait.

All done? Great let’s get started.

The first and most important question we should be asking is what is this statement talking about? It seems that there is an employee issue within the Loveland department of public works. One employee made accusations against another employee. The city states that the allegations were investigated and dealt with. The statement even says that several of the accusations were found to be false. Why inform the public of an already taken care of human resources issue? What is the City of Loveland talking about here?

The second question, why would the City of Loveland release a statement about an internal disagreement? The statement does make mention of the accuser sending out emails, and things being circulated online. What is in the email, who is receiving them, and where is this information online? I have looked through our sites, and other local media/advocacy sites, and have found nothing regarding recent issues. I did not receive any emails in the last few days that allege any malfeasance. Again, what is the City of Loveland talking about?

The third question concerns the end of the statement. The City states that safeguards have been put in place to correct any misdeeds that may, or may not, have happened in the public works department. What are these safeguards, and why were they implemented? The end of the statement says that “the City will continue to protect the interests of our taxpayers.” Are these new safeguards to protect the taxpayer? Was the taxpayer at risk before the safeguards? Why? With most of the statement talking about accusers, accused, and misinformation, how does the safeguards to protect taxpayers fit in?

The city does say that they “continue to investigate the matter as warranted”. Good for them, and in the spirit of transparency and concern for the taxpayer, the city should release a report to the public on their investigation, what the accusations are, what was found credible, and what was found to be false. The City does not work for the elected members of council, it works for all the citizens of Loveland. If the City felt the need to release this confusing statement, the city should clear up their intent with an open, and transparent, delivery of what is happening in our public works department.

I will join in with spirit of full transparency. Back in October of 2018 Eye on Loveland did receive information regarding the city’s public works department. We did public records request, which we are happy to share, concerning the issues set before us. The records came back with zero communication between elected members of the city council and very little communication from the public employees. We have continued to investigate the issue and have chosen not to say anything until more information was available. On February 14th, the City of Loveland made more information available.

One more thing, the next public meeting of the Loveland City Council is on February 26th, at 7:00pm, 120 West Loveland.


RD Kulik  is a resident of the City of Loveland

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