Update - Back Rooms and Land Deals

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Background - The City Council Majority - Mayor Kathy Bailey, Vice-Mayor Rob Weisgerber, Kent Blair, Ted Phelps, Tim Butler and Neil Oury voted on May 28, 2019 via “emergency” to purchase land on 1st Street ( next door to the Works) for the publicly stated price of $550K to build a parking garage and cut through. Later during that meeting we learned it would actually cost the taxpayers another $50K to settle a legal dispute related to the purchase. That brings the actual cost to taxpayers to $600K for the land. We also learned from council comments that they were having discussions with “ council members about other options” related to the property - one mentioned building a multi level city hall on the property.

Update - Well, its a new week and guess what, there is now a new price estimate for the above mentioned land. According to the latest council memo the new amount is $700K. Click here. Eye On Loveland looks forward to this Tuesday’s council meeting (6/25/19) to hear what other “private conversations” the majority members have been conducting and what new options they’ve discussed outside the view of the public forum.

Stay Tuned - EoL is watching and listening. Our newest podcast will drop on Thursday.

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