New Downtown Loveland?

Yard & Co Master Plan Vision

Yard & Co Master Plan Vision

On Wednesday May 29, 2019 the final public meeting took place regarding the taxpayer paid $128K Master Plan. The recommendations are in and we have the pictures. (landing) (bike trail) (eads) (overall)

This plan shows a total transformation of downtown Loveland. If this development takes place it will create a New Loveland. Is this the plan the public had in mind? Are the recent decisions by the majority of council led by Mayor Kathy Bailey already changing the look, feel and attitude of our community? It seems they are turning our downtown into an entertainment district with numerous events, amplified music and outdoor alcoholic drinking. People have always used the words quaint, family friendly, small town feel to describe our community. Are we already losing what makes us Loveland and this plan just continues that trend?

Check out our latest podcast - New Loveland - where we discuss these changes and the affects the master plan recommendations will have on our city now and in the future. This podcast does not focus on the specifics of the plan but SPOILER ALERT - we will on future podcast epsodes. Join us, won’t you?

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