Safeguards? Loveland Needs Some Stinking Safeguards

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On February 14th, the City of Loveland released a statement concerning the Public Works Department. We wrote about it - click here and we talked about it - click here. We are still trying to figure out what the city is trying to achieve by issuing this statement and we are focused not on their words but their actions.

One of the most concerning aspects of the city statement is this sentence - “ the city has already put in place safeguards and procedures….to ensure the alleged conduct could not take place in the future..” Does that mean there were no safeguards and procedures before? Eye On Loveland decided to explore this question.

In November, 2018 the city manager created a plan of safeguards and procedures for the public works department. We can assume that based on the city statement that this plan was a reaction to the allegations of misdeeds in the public works department. To see the plan, click here. We want to focus on the plan the city put forth and not on the personnel, so the names and other non relevant information has been redacted. After reading the steps laid out for the Public Works Department, two questions pop into mind:

  • Why were these safeguards not already in place?

  • Have the policies and procedures outlined in November, 2018 been implemented, it is February, 2019?

Many of these new safeguards and procedures look like things any city should be doing. It is troubling that Loveland did not ( and still may not) have the very basic protection when it comes to equipment, materials, and procedures that protect the taxpayer. The equipment at the public works building does not belong to any one individual, it belongs to all of the taxpayers.

We applaud the city for acknowledging that taxpayers should be protected. However, why now? Why were the safeguards not already in place and what made the city put them in place now? The borrowing, theft, or destruction of taxpayer property is a very serious offense. Having safeguards and sound policies, then and now, is always in the best interest of taxpayers.

The next public meeting of the Loveland City Council is February 26th, 7pm, City Hall.

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