Loveland Council Is Going To Build A Parking Garage $$$

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Does the City of Loveland need a downtown parking garage? How about one that will cost the taxpayers millions of dollars? Does Loveland have a parking problem? According to the firm that created the downtown master plan, Loveland does not have a parking problem. The city does have a traffic problem, one that is likely to get worse if the school district builds on this side of the river. Council doesn’t want to talk about that problem.

Like it or not, the Loveland City Council is moving forward on building a parking facility in the heart of downtown. This week EoL digs deeper into Mayor Bailey and council majority - Kent Blair, Rob Weisgerber, Ted Phelps, Tim Butler and Neil Oury - plans for this new parking facility. What is being said about how the new facility will be paid for, and what is not being said about how we will maintain this new piece of infrastructure in our city.

On our latest podcast - How do you solve a problem like parking garages? - we talk about the council’s decision to build a parking garage that Mayor Bailey has publicly stated is for the downtown businesses. Should taxpayers pay for parking for private businesses? Should taxpayers have to pay to park in a garage they paid to build? How is this multi million dollar project being financed? Again, Mayor Bailey has stated that the project will be paid with gas tax dollars the city is receiving from the state. Money that the state intended to be used to fix our current infrastructure needs. Why is it that politicians feel the need to spend money on new projects instead of addressing current needs first?

Please join us for a fun and spirited conversation about a parking garage. Join us, won’t you?

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