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Loveland Ohio City Council wants to make our downtown a DORA district. We are not talking about the children’s explorer so what is DORA?

DORA stands for Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area - it is an outdoor drinking program that allows you to stroll the streets with your adult beverage. Most communities who have this type of program are much larger in population than Loveland, OH and have many more places to explore. In addition, there are costs, paid for by taxpayers for the regulation of this type of district.

Click here to listen to our latest podcast - . DORA and her pointless explorations. We will discuss how the program works, the numerous events that will be held downtown as part of this regulation, and whether this new obsession with public drinking fits the brand of Loveland and it’s family friendly atmosphere. Join us, won’t you?

There will be a public hearing on this legislation, March 12, 2019, 7pm at City Hall. Be sure to come and let your voice be heard on this important issue.

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