Future of Downtown Loveland OH?

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Eye On Loveland has had numerous discussions throughout the year regarding the $128K Master Plan:

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We will continue following very closely the actions of city council now that the final recommendations are complete. Click here to view the master plan power point presentation. Will Mayor Bailey and her council majority allow for a public discussion on the proposals? Will council engage the public and answer their questions? Will council members publicly discuss their thoughts and ideas on the plan, or will they just vote to adopt the recommendations? Who are the “players” in implemeting this new vision for downtown Loveland? How much will this transformation cost the taxpayers? How do they plan on paying for it? Will this plan lead to increased taxes?

City Council members - Kathy Bailey, Kent Blair, Rob Weisgerber, Tim Butler, Ted Phelps and Neil Oury have already voted to buy land at a cost of $600K for a future parking garage. This amount included $550K for an original purchase agreement and another $50K in a legal settlement related to the purchase. Click here to view the videtape of the council session on May 28, 2019. Several residents spoke during open forum, starting at minute mark 12:27 regarding the land purchase. You can also fast forward to minute mark 1:18:04 to hear the discussion that followed the executive session regarding the legal dispute that cost taxpayers $50K. What is the actual cost of constructing this future parking garage? How does the city, i.e. taxpayers fund this future project? Will this actually solve any of our parking and traffic issues?

Please stay tuned for future podcasts where we will discuss and hopefully get answers to the above questions. Our newest podcasts will drop on Thursday. Join us, won’t you?

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