Forget It Taxpayer, It's Loveland Town

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The City of Loveland is going to build a new water line - taxpayers cost - $100K - to assist the development of a private neighborhood. Councilman Neal Oury said he has worked with the private developer on this issue. Should the Councilman have recused himself? He did not. He voted yes for the giveaway. Mayor Kathy Bailey told council members they could not discuss publicly certain specifics related to the decision. Is this normal?

At the 7/23/19 city council meeting, the council majority ( Bailey, Blair, Butler, Phelps, Oury) voted to spend $100K of taxpayers money ( dollars not budgeted) to install a water main line for a private development on Cedar Drive. This development consists of five new residential homes.

Our podcast - Forget it Taxpayer, It’s Loveland Town - we discuss the water line issue, background on the project, and why it’s not normal practice for taxpayers to pay for the infrastructure related to a private development. EoL also notes that this issue has never come up for public discussion prior to the July council vote. Why not? Councilman Neil Oury said “ I’ve been involved in this since November last year when owners of property came to me.” Click here to view council video. Go to minute mark 12:24 for start of water main legislation. Join us, won’t you?

A side note - there is a great movie - Chinatown - that centers around water issues ( in LA) and political corruption. It is where the title of our blog comes from, the main character is told “Forget it, Jake, it’s Chinatown.” If you’ve never seen the movie, check it out.

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