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Eye On Loveland has a Question - Can you tell us when a parking garage is not a parking garage?

Answer - How about when council members decide to spend money on land and tell the public it is for a parking garage and traffic cut through. Then they say they’ve discussed other options, and now they say they haven’t discussed other options. We’re certainly confused, are you?

At the May 28, 2019 city council meeting, members Kathy Bailey, Rob Weisgerber, Kent Blair, Ted Phelps, Tim Butler and Neil Oury voted 6-0 to spend $600K to purchase land via an “emergency” for the stated purpose of “improving parking and vehicular access into downtown.” However, during that same meeting Mr. Oury stated “ council had discussed other options.” Rob Weisgerber stated “all options are open for discussion, for example, one option could be to move city hall to that location and put another commercial building on the city hall property.” Click here to view their statements.

On our podcasts - Back Rooms and Land Deals and New Loveland - we stated that we had lots of questions regarding this $600K land purchase. Unfortuanately those questions were not answered at the June 11, 2019 council meeting and based on the council members current comments, we have even more questions.

Councilwoman Settell ( who was not at the 5/28 meeting) asked Councilman Neil Oury about his comments regarding council members discussing other options. She stated that she did not know about any other options nor any other private conversations with council members. Mr Oury responded by saying “ no outside items were discussed outside of individual deep thoughts, and people who came into his shop.” As the video from the 5/28 meeting shows, this is not what he said at the previous meeting. Click here ( go to minute mark 59:24 ) Mayor Kathy Bailey then stated “ why are we discussing what people are talking about, council will ultimately make the decision.” Councilman Tim Butler then stated that Mr. Oury was “inviting the public to participate in the review and identify the best use of the property, it was an outreach to the public to help us decide.” Click here to view the videotape. ( the conversation begins at minute mark 36:23)

What is going on here? In this short period of time - 5/26 - 6/11 - council voted to purchase land for $600k via “emergency” with the publicly stated purpose of alleviating parking and traffic concerns. Now council is saying that it might be something else. Loveland taxpayers deserve to know what plan council has for using our money on this land purchase. Before the city spends even more taxpayer money, maybe they should look at our current underutilized parking assets like the Linda Cox parking lot.

Please listen to our latest podcast - Deep Thoughts on Parking - where we discuss the words and actions of city council and offer other solutions to address our parking and traffic issues in the NOW and without more taxpayer dollars. Join us, won’t you?

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