Can Loveland Handle The Truths Of The School Levy?

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Eye On Loveland moves to a weekly format. Our latest podcast returns our focus to the proposed school tax levy. On November 5th, the Loveland City School District is asking the voters to approve a 16.78 M property tax increase.

Our podcast - Can Loveland Handle The Truths of the School Levy? - delves further into the school plan and discusses specific issues and questions that are not currently being addressed by the school district or Loveland city council. Our discussion includes the infrastructure and traffic concerns, how will this move affect downtown traffic? Is E Loveland Ave able to handle the increased bus routes? Who is paying for the infrastructure needs? What is the tax impact on the city if the new school buildings are not located within the boundaries of the city of Loveland? What was the purpose and overall affect of the school board’s recent decision to restructure the tax levy. Join us, won’t you?

SPECIAL NOTE: EoL has reached out to the school with specific questions and they have responded to those questions in a very prompt manner. Click here. We would also like to note that at the last city council meeting Councilman Butler and City Manager Kennedy both cited that the school conducted a traffic study. We sent a public records request for a copy of the mentioned traffic study. Click here. We had not received the information prior to our podcast but we did receive it after the recording. Click here to review the traffic study.

Stay tuned for future discussions on the school levy. We will be talking about the current school buildings on Loveland Madeira Rd and Loveland Miamiville Rd and what plans the school has for those properties as well as a discussion on exploring other ways to finance schools outside of a property tax.

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