Term Limits, What the People of Loveland Want?

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One year ago we published a poll on what the voters of Loveland thought about term limits on the elected members of the city council (Read it here). It turns out a large majority of the registered voters in Loveland wanted to limit the terms on their elected representatives.

Around the time we published the survey, the Loveland City Council’s Charter Review Committee started meeting. Recently the committee presented their final proposal for changes to the city’s charter. There was minimal discussion within the committee about term limits and no discussion on the length of terms or the direct election of the Mayor. One needs to ask, did the Charter Committee take into account the wants of Loveland voters, or did the committee prioritize the wants of the City Council majority who appointed them?

We decided to commission another poll, one with a few more specific ideas on term limits and other issues, and the results look very similar to the poll in 2018. Along with term limits, the poll also asked the people of Loveland how they felt about reducing the term of each elected member of the city council from four years to two years, and if the voters should directly elect the Mayor. Each issue garnered more support than opposition with term limits once again holding an over 60% approval.

The numbers do not lie. Loveland wants term limits.

Want to see the poll for yourself? Here it is: 

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