Do We Now Know What the City is Talking About?

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Recently Eye on Loveland has discussed the City’s strange statement about the Public Works Department (read our thoughts here). We followed that up to ask a few questions about new safeguards being put in place at the department (read our thoughts here). We even released a podcast about the issue (listen here). So far we have been the only people talking about this very important issue.

Until now.

Just this week, the Cincinnati Enquirer released two stories related to issues at the Loveland Public Works department. Reporter Jeanne Houck’s articles detail accusations made against the Director of Public Works by an employee at the department, suspension of employees, and what steps the City of Loveland has taken in addressing problems at Public Works. Lawyers are quoted, lawsuits are being considered, it is quite the tale.

Click here to read the Enquirer story - Loveland suspends two employees

Click here to read the Enquirer story - Loveland reviewing employee side business

We encourage everyone to read the Enquirer articles. If you have questions, or concerns, make sure you reach out to our elected members of the city council. There is a public meeting of the council this Tuesday, March 12th, 7pm.

Eye on Loveland is still researching this issue. We have made public records request to gain clarification on a few questions we have about alleged misdeeds at the Public Works Department. Once we receive these public documents, and get our questions answered, Eye on Loveland will report our findings. We feel like there is more to the story.

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