Creating a Historic District in Loveland - Follow Up

Partial map of proposed historic boundaries

Partial map of proposed historic boundaries

On Thursday, October 25th there was a meeting of the Historic Preservation Design Review Committee (HPDRC) There were several members of the public who attended, some who own property in the proposed boundaries. Many questions were asked, some were answered, however many questions remain unanswered, particularly relating to what the government can and can’t do regarding personal property.

Why does this matter? Much is unknown regarding the power and authority of this committee and it’s five unelected members. Is the City of Loveland creating the biggest and most powerful HOA and doing so without full engagement of those most affected i.e people who own personal property in the proposed historic boundaries?

Please listen to our podcast - what is the deal with historic boundaries - to learn more.

Stay tuned for more information. Have questions? We encourage you to attend the next committee meeting ( a November meeting has yet to be scheduled)

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What is a historical district? Should certain areas in Loveland be designated as historic? Is the purpose of creating this district so the city can preserve property or develop the property? These questions and many others are discussed on our recent podcast - What is the deal with historic boundaries?

Earlier this year City Council created a new committee - The Historic Preservation Design Review Committee ( HPDRC) This committee is made up of six residents who will decide the boundaries of the proposed historic district, adopt regulations, and must approve any repairs and improvements to structures, including personal residences, located within the historic district.

According to the design review fact sheet “owners of properties within the City of Loveland Historic District Boundaries must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) for any action affecting use, exterior appearance, new construction or demolition of the designated historic structure.”

Eye On Loveland is currently researching this very influential and powerful committee and will keep you up to date on the decisions made by this group of six unelected individuals. Their decisions will affect many business owners and residents which is why their actions should matter to all of us.

Some of the questions we have asked the committee members include - how did you establish the historic boundaries? Why are there no details regarding the discussion and determination of the boundaries in the meeting minutes, something that is required by law? One of the stated reasons for establishing this district is to “improve property values.” Why then is an elected represetative’s home, Vice Mayor Rob Weisgerber, in the historic boundaries? Vice Mayor Weisgerber spoke at a recent committee meeting, however there are no details on what was said? Why was Vice Mayor Weisgerber privately meeting with one member of this committee?

We did get an answer from the group regarding their decision on the historic boundaries - which consists of all of downtown extending up E Loveland Ave ( the picture at top of this page shows this street, the blue box is the Vice Mayor’s home) and the five points intersection going up the hill and includes the building at the top. Listen to the podcast here to learn more. We did not receive any answers on the other questions. Stay tuned as we continue on our quest for information.

Please visit the and read the latest article on the historic district - building the history of Loveland.

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