Party Time on the Taxpayer's Dime?

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Who among us doesn’t enjoy a party? Special events are fun, and the City of Loveland has a long tradition of celebrations - 4th of July and Christmas in Loveland. These events are sponsored by the City, are family oriented with lots of activities for the kids and allow our residents to connect and celebrate our community.

Our newest podcast - The City of Taxpayer Funded Parties - addresses the issue of special events held in our city by private businesses and whether the taxpayers should subsidize the organizations that hold the events. Should taxpayer’s be reimbursed for the city resources needed for the festivities, particularly when the private entities keep the money that is generated from the event, whether it be the entry fee or the sale from an alcohol booth?

We discuss the purpose and importance of a special event and fee policy, what questions should be asked before council approves events and open container permits and whether the city should allow one private organization to run all events in the city because the organization relies on events to raise revenues and it would be a financial detriment to their business if the city did not allow for this subsidy. We also talk about other issues and concerns related to special events so please join us, won’t you?

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