Cronyism in Loveland OH - Part 2 - Digging in the Dark


Cronyism is an issue that is affecting communities throughout Ohio. This allegation has become part of the debate on the FC/Cincy stadium project in Cincinnati, Milford and Clermont County. Is Loveland joining the list of the other communities engaging in the practice of cronyism?

Eye on Loveland has been following recent decisions by the Loveland City Council majority - Mayor Kathy Bailey, Vice-Mayor Rob Weisgerber, Ted Phelps, Tim Butler, Neil Oury and Kent Blair - and discussing if their actions are for the benefit of their political supporters and friends?

Our newest podcast - Cronyism in Loveland - Part 2 - Digging in the Dark - addresses the issue of cronyism that is deeper, sometimes things we don’t see immediately but can have long term lasting affects on our community.

The latest discussion addresses three topics in greater detail - 1) types of special events and open container waivers - who is making the decisions particularly when the events are not for everyone in the community and the changing of the city brand to one of a “ open drinking community” 2) developer financing - does the current request from one downtown developer for financing, that requires city approval, have longer term affects on future development? 3) What does it mean now that Loveland has been certified as a local historic community? What is the Historic Preservation Design Review Committee? Who and how did they decide on the historic boundaries? What is the impact on the residents and businesses in the boundaries? Why is the Vice Mayor’s home in the boundaries?

If you haven’t listened to Part 1 of Cronyism in Loveland - Shining the Light - click here and get caught up. The discussion is about the cronyism we can see, such as committee appointments, special events, open container districts and development financing.

Also check out and read the most recent article - Loveland has been drinking with Cronyism.

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