Yet Another Master Plan For The City of Loveland

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Albert Einstein is credited with saying “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. It seems that Loveland City Council doesn’t think Mr. Einstein is correct since they recently voted to spend $128K of taxpayer’s money on yet another Comprehensive Plan. See Attached

As a business owner I know the importance of planning so it is not that the city should not have a plan for development and future growth; what I am questioning is whether hiring a firm at a cost of $128K to create another master plan is the most effective and financially responsible way to achieve the cities goals.

Many in the community may not know that the city commissioned a comprehensive plan in 1993 and since that time had at least nine plans and development updates prepared and paid for with taxpayer money, see attached, one as recently as 2011. See Attached. There was also a comprehensive plan workshop, paid for by taxpayers, held in September 2015. See Attached. Some of those results were included in the current proposal and identified areas that were in most need of attention. See attached.

Most of these reports can be found on some shelf in city hall. Which leads me to the question, why are we paying to have another report prepared that will most likely have the same recommendations as the others? Why is the primary focus of this "new" master plan, downtown Loveland? The above mentioned map shows this area as stable and in transition. Instead of spending additional taxpayer money, why are we not looking at the previous plans? Why don’t we review the reports, what was accomplished, what wasn’t and why and then update the ideas based on current needs. Why do a replication of what we’ve already paid for many times over?  Don’t you think it is time we try something new and different, something that will produce actual results? 

We should look at how Over-the-Rhine and other communities were redeveloped. It was through a private citizen and stakeholder group – 3CDC that invigorated downtown Cincinnati. These types of organizations developed a strategic plan, a vision that was created by business owners, residents and experts in development, not a committee created by the government, made up of members of a connected political group or officials beholden to elections.

In these days of tight budgets, it is more important than ever that planning dollars be spent as productively as possible. Sadly, Mayor Bailey, Vice-Mayor Weisgerber, Councilman Ted Phelps, Tim Butler, Kent Blair and Neil Oury voted to spend $128K of taxpayer’s money on another comprehensive plan that is likely to join the others on the city hall book shelf.

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