Take the Poll - What Is The Look of Loveland?

Google Image

Google Image


The Works

Jack Rabbit.jpg

Jack Rabbit Shoe Store

Bond Blacks.jpg

Bond Furniture

Rendering of Design


Eads Fencing

Loveland Station.jpeg

Loveland Station

Bishop 2.jpg

Bishop Building

Rendering of Design

Music Academy.jpeg

Music Academy

City Hall.jpg

City Hall

We have talked a lot about the look of Loveland. We want to know what you think, so check out the images and take the poll. Vote for the look that you like the best.

These pictures were taken in September and a few of the designs are renderings since the development is not complete. All of these buildings sit within a few blocks of each other. As you know, the city is spending $128K on a master plan, yet development and changes to exisiting structures is continuing as you read and without the plan.

Loveland is changing - be A Part Of It. Vote so your voice can be heard.

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