Water Towers - A Follow Up

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Eye On Loveland's podcast on July 4, 2018 - Water Tower Logos, where is the public input - talked about several issues - the recent council decision to offer the Loveland school district the opportunity to place their logo on the city water towers, the new paint color of the tower located in White Pillars and the addition of the city logo on the tower.  We asked why none of these ideas were brought to the public's attention, particularly the residents most impacted,  by council members before making a formal decision.  

Since our original podcast air date, there have been several residents who have come to subsequent council meetings to express their concern regarding the changes to the water towers located in their nieghborhood. Unfortunately, none of the council members publicly addressed the residents concerns nor spoke about their decision regarding the water towers. 

Eye On Loveland has submitted a public records request regarding this matter, We will update the public when we receive the requested information. Listen to the podcast and stay tuned. 

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