Follow Up - 19 Townhomes Approved by P&Z

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Not Actual Image of Homes 

Follow Up - on the the story posted August 9, 2018 regarding the Planning & Zoning Commissions approval of the sight plan and development on six parcels located behind the Loveland post office. Tonight the Loveland City Council will hold a public hearing and then vote on granting an easement to the developer that will allow for the construction of the 19 town homes.  

At the last council meeting Councilman Tim Butler stated " he was excited for City Council to hear about the project, which is developing an overgrown area that wasn't being used. He anticipated that this development would jump start development along Loveland Madeira Rd." 

Councilman Kent Blair asked about access to this development along W Loveland Ave. " Mr. Kennedy stated that the access would be next to the State Farm Insurance Building" and that " the access would be right turn only in and out of the development." See attached

Will this proposed development bring new development to Loveland Madeira Rd? What affect will this development have on the traffic patterns of W Loveland Ave and Loveland Madeira Rd? Council recently decided to spend $128K of taxpayer money to hire a firm to complete another comprehensive plan, does this develop fit into this proposed comprehensive plan? 

If you have an opinion on this development project let your voice be heard this evening, Tuesday August 14, 2018,  at the 7pm - Loveland City Council Meeting held at City Hall. 

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Original Post - The Planning & Zoning Commission on July 11, 2018 approved the site plan request for 19 residential units on Main and Hill Streets. The three bedroom townhomes will be constructed on six parcels located in an area behind the Loveland Post Office. Attached

A portion of the proposed development extends partially onto city owned property and requires an easement to be granted from City Council. A public hearing has been scheduled for the next council meeting on August 14, 2018. Attached

If you have an opinion and would like your voice to be heard on this development, please attend the Tuesday - August 14, 2018 council meeting held at city hall at 7pm. If you would like to speak regarding this or any other matter, you must sign in to speak during the open forum section of the meeting. - Be Informed. Be Involved. Be Influential 

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