Master Plan - Public Meeting

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On Monday, January 14, 2019 the City of Loveland held a public meeting to discuss the master plan for the city. The consulting firm - Yard & Co. - assigned the topics for the public to discuss. They were 1) A city that is aging 2) A city that moves 3) A hospitality and tourism destination 4) A city that is growing

Click here to listen to our newest podcast - The Magic of Master Planning - where we discuss the public meeting and seek to answer some of the following questions:

  • Was the format for the meeting what the public was expecting?

  • Were the topics what the public wanted to talk about?

  • Was the voice of the public heard at this meeting?

  • Is this a community driven plan or a consultant driven plan?

  • Does this format lead to solid solutions?

During the podcast we use an analogy regarding the role and processes of the consulting firm. One of the key parts of a magic trick is distraction. The magician talks during his routine so you will focus on their face not their hands. We heard a lot of talking during the planning meeting but what are the hands doing? Words are only one part of the process, are we watching their hands? Do we know what action is really going on? Stay tuned because Eye On Loveland is watching the hands.

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