Have you seen the Loveland OH "Super Truck?" - Follow Up

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Remember the Loveland “Super Truck?” The City of Loveland paid Stantec Consulting Services $30K to analyze the cities street conditions. The report is now in and Eye On Loveland is providing an update on the results of the analysis.

First, in an effort to provide clarification from the original story posted on July 31, 2018 - the city did not purchase the truck, the vehicle is part of the services provided by Stantec Consulting.

The City of Loveland has approximately 101 miles of roadway. Here is a brief summary of the Stantec Road Report - Click here to read the entire report.

  • 50.9% of road network is at poor overall service level

  • 55.2% of road network is rated failed or poor, the remaining roads 36.7% is fair and 8.1% is good condition

  • In terms of rideability, 25.5% is poor, 74,2% is fair or good

  • Surface distress index, 55.8% is in poor condition, 4.6% failed surface distress index and 23.7% is fair

  • Average rating of existing curbs is fair

At the November 27, 2018 City Council meeting, City Engineer Cindy Klopfenstein appeared before council where she presented an evaluation of the cities roadways. Click here to view the presentation.

Eye On Loveland will be providing a more in-depth article on the roads and infrastructure issue in the New Year so stay tuned.

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Original story - July 31, 2018 follows:

The City of Loveland recently purchased this high tech truck at a cost to taxpayers =$29,800. This cost was not discussed or included in the 2018 budget.  It is part of an agreement with Stantec Consulting Services for a road condition assessment and report. This "super" truck will analyze the cities street conditions. 

Is city council decision to spend almost $30K of taxpayer money to help develop a road maintenace plan or is the purpose to justify a decision to increase taxes that was already being discussed among some council members as early as February?

Listen to our podcast - The Shadows of Loveland are Hiding a Tax Man - you can then you decide if there is more to this story.