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Eye on Loveland and The Loveland Tattler were conceived as organizations to watch and report the words and actions of city officials and elected representatives. We are a watchdog group. Our websites and podcasts are where we discuss the issues and decision making process regarding the Loveland community. Our mission is to provide information to you. We will present the facts gathered from the various sources and make that information available to the public. It is our hope that you, the ordinary citizen, will become an effective advocate for your beliefs. Our call to action - Be Informed, Be Involved, Be Influential.

Known as a watchdog to the Loveland city government, people have approached us with information about individuals in and around Loveland Ohio. Many times, these stories are “rumor” backed by very little facts. We will not write or talk about stories fueled by rumor. We will also not write or talk about the personal matters of those in authority if their actions have no relation to the use, or misuse, of public resources provided to them by taxpayers. The many people who live, work, and play in Loveland Ohio all have their own individual lives. They have sadness and joy that is shared with the people closest to them. We respect the privacy that individuals are entitled to and these stories have no appeal to our mission. We believe in the path of positive policy, not in the politics of personal destruction.

That is our purpose. Thanks for being part of the journey.

We would love to hear what you have to say so send us an email at eyeonloveland@gmail.com. Please follow us on twitter @eyeonloveland and facebook at eyeonloveland. Be sure to sign up to receive regular updates and subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes,apple.com - eyeonloveland.

 Eyeonloveland.org - Be Informed. Be Involved. Be Influential.

Pamela Gross - President - Follow me on Twitter @ lovelandpam